A Conversation With Paula Rose

Paula Rose takes average families into extraordinary situations then adds life-size strokes of reality, a touch of humor, and a coat of suspense. Her research gives panoramic views of law enforcement to lend character authenticity. When not writing Inspy fiction, Paula Rose is reading, reviewing, or playing amateur photographer.

What’s the hardest part of writing romantic suspense?
13866759_1741896006082387_1011699778_n (1)Paula: Tearing me away from the research is not easy! Upon researching one thing, I will find myself sidetracked by something else that I discover, having nothing to do with my original story. Unfortunately, this part of the research inevitably inspires another writing idea to leave me with multiple but unrelated plots to tug at my brain.

I have ended my perpetual dilemma of conflict in story points by writing down the place where I found another inspiration with a short sentence or two of the story idea. I will let this new idea simmer while I continue my hunt for the original research story and get back on track.

How do you connect with your characters?
Paula: My characters connect with me first, and their story sketch listing goes by character’s name, not a title. However, once inside a tale, these characters tend to act as if they are independent of the author.

In Revenge, Olivia Foster is not a female in distress, and she moves into a take-charge personality. Unfortunately, this change has the muse stretching to accommodate, especially since Detective Lt. Phillip Landon changes from an Alpha Male to a brooding character second-guessing his career choice. All of this is happening without the author’s consent as my fingers are flying across the keyboard to play catch up on the story.

Inside a flurry of keystrokes, the story that surfaces is better than one this author plans.

Why do you like writing romantic suspense?
Paula: It is the perfect combination of my favorites in the genre realm-mystery, romance, and suspense. In actuality, I fell in love with romantic suspense.

Current book: Revenge13874779_1741896009415720_1164951093_n (1)
Olivia Foster’s autistic client goes missing, but when surprising contacts and mysterious happenings occur, threats can turn deadly! Two victims. No leads. Out of time.

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