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Sarah Hamaker is an experienced presenter, and has spoken both in Zoom and in person to hundreds of people. She loves to connect with readers and writer groups of all sizes. Contact her with your request today!

Here are some topics she can speak on.

Beyond Fiction: Using Your Research, Expertise, and Enthusiasm in Articles, Blogs, and Talks
Ever wonder what to do with all that material you’ve collected for your novels? Then come to this workshop and learn how to repurpose all that research, information, data, and experiences to populate your blog or newsletter—or outside of your own promotional materials to online and print publications. We’ll also discuss ways to develop talks for readers and other groups. No matter what type of fiction you write, you have something to share with others—come learn how to expand your audience with this hands-on workshop.

Building Your Platform
You’ve probably heard that you need a platform as a writer, but what exactly does that mean? Why should you have a platform? And how do you build one? Author and freelance writer Sarah Hamaker will answer these and other questions about platforms in today’s writing environment.

Podcasting for Writers
In late 2020, 104 million people listened to one of the 1.5 million podcasts available, up from 32% in 2019, according to Infinite Dial 20. Why will podcasts continue to be one of the hottest forms of media in 2021? Podcasts offer bite-sized chunks of information perfect for drive time and busy routines. In this webinar, author and podcaster Sarah Hamaker will discuss how to start your own podcast as well as tips on how to be a good guest on a podcast.

Proposals, Queries, Pitches, Oh, My!
You’ve finished your nonfiction or fiction manuscript, and face the somewhat daunting prospect of putting together a query, pitch or proposal. This workshop will show what goes into a proposal and how to make it shine. We’ll also examine the differences between queries and pitches, and ways to make yours stand out.

Writing in the Time You’ve Got
How many times have you said, “I wish I had more time to write?” While we can’t cram more hours into a day, we can find more ways to incorporate writing into our busy schedules. Learn how to think about time, use time and cultivate a life of writing in “Writing in the Time You’ve Got.”

What attendees are saying about Sarah’s writing-related talks.

“I loved your class on time and it had me putting the laundry away that I’ve been avoiding for the past week.”

“I love the idea of batching time and just getting those things we procrastinate out of the way. Excellent session!”

“Great presentation, Sarah, and excellent PowerPoint. Lots of good ideas. Thank you!”

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