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As an experienced writer and editor, Sarah has been freelancing for more than a dozen years. Her work background includes stints at two national trade associations as part of their editorial teams, both writing and editing articles, speeches and magazines. During her freelance career, she’s penned hundreds of articles for such varied clients as the National Association of Convenience Stores, National Religious Broadcasters, National Restaurant Association, National Club Association, Crosswalk.com, The Christian Post and the Washington Post’s On Parenting blog. She’s also edited numerous publications, including both fiction and nonfiction books for both adult and children. In addition, she’s ghostwritten articles and Out of the Shadows: A Journey of Recovery from Depression.

As an experienced editor, she can take your book (both fiction and nonfiction) from start to finish, providing project management and guidance along the indie publishing route. Book a free, 15-minute consultation with her today to discuss bringing your idea into a published book.
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What Clients Say About Sarah
“It was a pleasure to have Sarah edit [my nonfiction books] for me. She is quick, reliable, helpful, and knowledgeable.”
—Kathy Kuhl, Learndifferently.com

“Sarah was a real pro and extremely helpful to the development of my book. Her experience allowed me to elevate the narrative as well as the structure (not to mention literally watching my p’s and q’s, and crossing those t’s and dotting i’s). I could not have progressed as well without her.”
—MHR, Fortune 500 CMO

Out of the Shadows: Revealing the Path to Recovery by [Mark Litzsinger, Sarah Hamaker, John Schladweiler]“I loved working with Sarah Hamaker! I didn’t know anything about writing a book but had a good story and subject. Her expertise as a writer, patience and focus led us through writing my first book. Sarah is a professional and has the all the resources to edit, conduct and transcribe interviews, find graphic designers and researchers to dig deeper and make the content of the book richer and more thorough. Finally, she helped me get my ISBN and put my book on Amazon.com and Amazon.comeurope in both paperback and ebook editions. She also helped me figure out what the price point should be in the market. If I do another follow-up to my first book, Sarah and I will be team members again. Professional, focused, knowledgeable and timely would describe Sarah. She is also a very nice down to earth person and a very good listener.”
—Mark Litzsinger, author of Out of the Shadows

“It is always a pleasure to work with Sarah. I never worry about whether her work will be done to my satisfaction or by deadline—it is always spot-on and on time. She is able to juggle many different tasks without dropping the ball on any of them. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a strong, reliable writer, editor or project manager. You won’t be disappointed.”
—Jennifer Batty, freelance writer/editor

“Sarah has helped me grow exponentially as a writer. Her wisdom when it comes to editing is unmatched. Overall, the experience with Sarah has been amazing both with her as my editor and as my project manager.” David Massie and the Quantum Flux by [Andrew M Nehring]
—Andrew Nehring