A Conversation With Sandra Glahn

Sandra Glahn teaches in the Media Arts and Worship Department at Dallas Theological Seminary. She’s authored more than 20 books, including the Christy fiction finalist Lethal Harvest. She loves storytelling, mostly medical suspense.

How do you pick the location/setting of your romantic suspense novels?
Sandra: I learned from reading the Bible that “place” can have meaning apart from the event that happens in it. For example, when Peter denies Christ, he’s standing by a charcoal fire. But later, when Jesus gives him three opportunities to declare his love, he does so by—you guessed it—a charcoal fire. Or after Queen Jezebel plots to have a man in Jezreel stoned to death because she wants his vineyard, she gets eaten by dogs about seventeen years later in—you guessed it—Jezreel. That said, I sometimes create settings that communicate something other than mere “place” in my stories. For example, an important scene relating to abortion happened in one of my stories on the steps of the Dallas Courthouse because that is where the Roe v. Wade decision happened.

What did you want to be as a child (and did that dream come true)?
Sandra: I wanted to be the singer Diana Ross. I loved to sing. My siblings would even mock me by chanting, “Sing it, Diana!” But that did not deter me.

What’s the weirdest way someone has died or been killed in your novels?
Sandra: A scientist trying to eliminate a hereditary disease that killed one of his family members creates what he hopes will serve as something of a vaccine to save the rest of his family. When he injects himself first, uh, suffice it say his “cure” didn’t work.

Current book: Informed Consent
A celebrated medical researcher accidentally causes his son’s life-threatening illness, but to save the child—and his marriage—this doctor must violate another patient’s rights.

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