The Plot Inspiration of Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett is a devout Christian, internationally respected book editor, and published author. His secular novel, Keeper, was optioned for a movie. Innocence Denied is his first Christian novel. He lives in Alabama with his wife Sharon, a dachshund (Heidi), and a stray cat now seventeen years old (Mia).

Where do you get the inspiration for your plots?
Mike: This question has always fascinated me. Where do ideas come from? I can’t “force” an idea. Ideas zap into my head any time, anywhere, without any instigation on my part. I can only credit God with my ideas. There’s just no other explanation for me. If I didn’t make it happen, who did?

How do you pick the location/setting of your romantic suspense novels?
Mike: The location is always dictated by the story itself. In Innocence Denied, I needed an isolated place for Derrick and Larissa to hide in, so I set it in the off-season at Logan Martin Lake, where they would be less likely to be seen. I’m intimately familiar with the area since I owned a lake house there for many years. Write what you know!

What is one of your favorite ways to connect with readers?
Mike: I always enjoy hearing from readers via email. It’s non-intrusive, and I can respond when I have free time.

Which of your books is your favorite and why?
Mike: Innocence Denied is by far my favorite because it’s close to my heart. I wrote it with no profit motive in mind, no attempt to advance my career or put myself in the spotlight. Its message was my entire focus, and I feel honored to create something to honor God with the very spiritual gifts that He blessed me with.

Current Book: Innocence Denied
Derrick Walton puts his life at risk to rescue a falsely accused murderer from life in prison, then saves her soul.

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