How a True Story Inspired Gail Sattler’s Latest Book

Gail Sattler lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where you don’t have to shovel rain. When she’s not writing, she plays bass for an Elton John tribute band and a jazz band, and piano for a smaller band. Other times, Gail likes to read with a cup of coffee.

Why did you start writing romantic suspense novels?
Gail: The Other Neighbor is my first romantic suspense. I wrote it because it’s based on a true story. Years ago, going back to Y2K (Dec 31, 1999), a customer of my husband was plotting to do exactly what the antagonist in this book was planning. (Sorry, I’m not giving that away!) As I wrote the book, my husband joked that he hopes we make enough money from this book to offset what he lost when his ex-customer was arrested, the business closed and the man declared bankruptcy because he owed a lot of people, including us, a lot of money.

When do you find time to write?
Gail: I work full time, plus I’m in three bands, so I don’t have a lot of free time. My husband sold his business and retired early, so he does all the housework, which gives me time to write.

What is your favorite spot for reading or reflecting on your current work-in-progress?
Gail: The same place I write. I need to read it in order to reflect on it. Since we are recent empty-nesters, I converted one of the now-empty bedrooms into an office. Where I can close the door.

What is one of your favorite ways to connect with readers?
Gail: Facebook. I love to see posts, and often forward the ones I like best. Likewise, I love it when people forward posts that I’ve made.

What is absolutely essential for you to write?
Gail: A quiet space, thus the closed door on my new office, and Starbucks coffee, which is provided by my future daughter-in-law’s generosity. Gotta love her.

Current Book: The Other Neighbor
Cheryl Richardson’s neighbor is building a bomb! When FBI agent Steve Gableman moves next door to learn the target, will Cheryl be the one to explode?

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