A Conversation With Lee Carver

During her husband’s international career, Lee lived and reared their children in Greece, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil and Spain. Her visits to 49 countries became material in her novels. The Carvers were volunteer missionaries in the Brazilian Amazon for six years, the hardest and best years of their lives.

What’s the hardest part of writing romantic suspense?
Lee: I’m mostly a seat-of-the-pants writer, but suspense has to be carefully plotted or the story will have holes big enough to drive a Mac truck through.

What’s the weirdest way someone has died or been killed in your novels?
Lee: Years ago, when I wrote only short stories, a bad guy died on an airplane when the badder guy sloshed on him a solution made from cigarette butts soaked in water. Seriously. Nicotine kills!

How do you research ways to kill someone for your books?
Lee: I’m a former biology teacher. I know ways I won’t even talk about.

Where do you get the inspiration for your plots?
Lee: When I get an inkling, I need to talk it out with other authors or my husband. He’s a great plotter and beta reader.

Current book: Counterfeit
Professor Richard Reed, working with Interpol, thinks he has found an art copyist when he zones in on attractive tourist, Kendra Cooper.

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