The Milky History of Danielle Grandinetti’s Romantic Suspense (Episode 63)

On this episode of “The Romantic Side of Suspense,” I’m talking with Danielle Grandinetti, a book blogger at Her short stories have appeared in several publications and her writing has won the University of Northwestern Distinguished Faith in Writing Award. Originally from the Chicagoland area, she now lives along Lake Michigan’s Wisconsin shoreline with her husband and their two young sons. Danielle especially loves quiet mornings served with the perfect cup of tea.

“The story was originally contemporary romantic suspense but it was missing something,” Danielle says. A few years ago, “Wisconsin started having a milk shortage with farmers having to dump their milk [because there wasn’t a market for it]. … I learned that’s not the first time that’s happened. There was actually a huge milk strike in 1933. … So I took my contemporary romantic suspense and set it [back then] and it just brought it to life.”

Listen to the podcast for more from our interview, plus an excerpt from A Strike to the Heart.

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