The Archeology of Writing With Sally Jo Pitts (Episode 52)

On this episode of “The Romantic Side of Suspense,” I’m chatting with Sally Jo Pitts, who writes what she likes to read—faith-based stories of romance and mystery with an unusual twist. She brings a career as a private investigator, high school guidance counselor and teacher of family and consumer sciences to the fiction page. Her real-world experiences fuel her passion to share how faith can bring hope in the face of conflicts that she puts her characters through. Residing in north Florida with her spunky schnauzer, Gibbs, Sally Jo enjoys hot mochas, old movies, and writing scenes from scribbled notes that clutter her house.

“What I wanted to do as a career as a child was archeology,” Sally Jo says. “Writing also has got that concept of digging, you have to dig into your subject and your topic and your characters and what’s going happen. Archeology fascinated me, finding the tombs and treasures… and writing fits that whole concept of discovery because as a writer I do that daily.”

Listen to the podcast for more from our interview, plus an excerpt from Autumn Vindication.

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