Rebecca Hemlock’s Love of Romantic Suspense (Episode 116)

On this episode of “The Romantic Side of Suspense,” my guest is Rebecca Hemlock, an award-winning Christian fiction author of more than 10 books. She began her novel writing career, after four years of working as a freelance journalist. She is an active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and Sisters in Crime, and loves writing for those who want a little mystery mixed with their romantic suspense. Rebecca has earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing along with an Appalachian Studies certificate and plans to continue her writing education. Her favorite times to write are early in the morning when the sun is coming up and as the sun sets over her Eastern Kentucky hilltop home. Aside from writing, Rebecca enjoys discovering forgotten treasures with her husband and children in antique shops, out of the way thrift stores, and on metal detecting excursions.

“I think as Christian romantic suspense authors we can all say Lynette Eason’s [books inspired us],” Rebecca said. “How she captures real people in her stories—it’s like I’m watching somebody’s life play out. … I just really loved everything about the genre.”

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