Movies Provide Inspiration For Gina Holder (Episode 30)

On this episode of “The Romantic Side of Suspense,” I’m talking with author Gina Holder, who dreamed of being a writer from her early teen years. She lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter. When she’s not homeschooling her daughter or working on her next novel, she enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, singing, and playing the piano and organ. Her indie-published debut novel released in 2017.

“When watching movies, I use them to draw inspiration as far as character ideas, flaws for the characters, plot engines, and how other writers have put together the steps to create the plots,” Gina said. “When I relax my mind that way, I’m also able to think of things for my own books and ideas come to mind.”

Listen to the podcast for more from our interview, plus an excerpt from Gina’s Forgiven Again.

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