Why Christmas is Mary Vee’s Favorite Holiday

Christmas is Mary Vee’s favorite holiday. What better time to set a mystery or a suspense story! She loves to travel to exciting places like New York City, Paris, the Iditarod trail and much more. Mary has been a finalist in several writing contests and writes for her king.

What is your favorite spot for reading or reflecting on your stories?
Mary: My favorite place to reflect on my story is hiking almost anywhere. Every oxygenated breath I take, every natural sight I see, every earthen scent I smell, every created thing I touch, I participate in the created world. Ideas materialize. I chat with my characters and discover what they think will happen next, then, despite my character’s protest, I write the opposite for tension, suspense, and a reason to turn the page.

Have you ever regretted killing off a character? Why?
Mary: I have never regretted killing off a character, although I have soaked many tissues while grieving and mourning with them.

What did you want to be as a child?
Mary: At age 10, I chose my life-long career. I wanted to be a cowgirl. I have no idea why. I had lived in the city and had never been west of the Mississippi River. But that was my decision, and I stuck to it. The adult translation might be this: To live an exciting life. This I have and continue to do. I have ziplined in the California Redwoods, whitewater rafted on the Olympic level Tennessee River, hiked in the mountains, spent time in a communist country, served as a missionary in a drug cartel area of Honduras and on a Montana Indian reservation, walked portions of the Iditarod trail, stood at the top of the Eiffel and Sears towers, walked on the frozen Lake Superior, driven the road to Hana and much more! These experiences have given me a wealth of setting ideas for my characters.

How do you pick the location/setting?
Mary: I let the story and characters choose. For example, my new release, Sylvia’s Secret, A Christmas Story, is about a very wealthy woman. Right away, I knew she had to live in or near a big city. Since I have been to New York City, I set the story mostly there. On the other hand, “Christmas With The Enemy” needed a terrible snowstorm that marooned the characters. This story takes place in the Rocky Mountains, specifically Big Sky, Montana, another place I have visited in the winter many times.

Current book: Sylvia’s Secret
Right before Christmas, the staff at Sylvia Duvet’s mansion discover she is missing. Her daughter arrives to find her mom before it’s too late.

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  1. Mary Vee

    Hi! Thank you so much for inviting me today! I literally returned from a trip to the Alps where I did some mountain climbing, last night! Today I am drinking my favorite Christmas tea while visiting with you. I am so blessed! Here is the link to Sylvia’s Secret, A Christmas Story with Detective Carhill: https://www.amazon.com/Sylvias-Secret-Christmas-Story-Detective/dp/1692160079/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Sylvia%27s+Secret+a+Christmas+Story&qid=1571247191&sr=8-1

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