Welcome to my fiction blog!

Welcome to my fiction blog, where I’ll talk about my writing process, interview other Christian romantic suspense writers and serialize one of my unpublished romantic-mystery novels.
I’ve been putting stories on paper since I was a kid, with many more stories only spinning around in my imagination. I even placed in a couple of short story contests as a teen.
That love of storytelling spurred me to pursue writing as a career, specifically journalism. I worked on my high school and college student papers, while continuing to write fiction on the side.
After college, I joined the monthly magazine staff at the National Religious Broadcasters, and spent six years honing my news and feature writing before hopping over to work in the communications department at the National Restaurant Association for their award-winning monthly magazine and other publications. I still wrote fiction for fun occasionally.
547recent-copy-FINAL-735x1024Then, after marrying my wonderful husband and having our first child, I transitioned into freelance writing and editing, which I continue to do today. When I began freelancing, I had more time to focus on my fiction writing too. During that time, I also had two nonfiction books published, as well as self-published a few books.
Now, I’m actively pursuing publication for my first romantic suspense novel. I love to hear from readers, so please sign up for my newsletter and leave a comment on my site.