A Conversation With Carrie Daws

God rewrote Carrie’s dreams to include being an author. With a background in weekly devotions, a mentor and several friends encouraged her to try fiction. The writing monster that she now barely keeps contained was born. Since then, she’s completed several books including her new romantic suspense, the Embers series.

What is your favorite spot for reading or reflecting on your current work-in-progress?
Carrie: I do most of my thinking and writing at a desk in my home office. But if I get stuck or am not sure how to proceed, I’ll go do something mundane and let my mind wander. I’ve solved many of the problems with a scene or a character while cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry.

How do you come up with titles for your books?
Carrie: This is hard for me! I sometimes talk to other writing friends, and I often discuss ideas with reading friends. If I’ve interviewed or shadowed anyone for a character in the book, I’ll ask if they have any ideas. I’ll search current book titles available for sale and think through synonyms and word variations. And quite frequently, I’ll put a poll up on my Facebook page asking for thoughts and votes.

What’s your go-to when you need a pick-me-up to keep writing?
Carrie: Reading! I love to read other great books, but sometimes when I’m reading, my mind is thinking how it could have been done better or how I would have done it differently. Those are the moments that it is easier for me to put down a book and pick up my manuscript.

Where do you get the inspiration for your plots?
Carrie: From real life. My Ember series of books all started when a friend started teasing me about writing a book about a fire inspector, her career of choice. At the time, I was busy with another book project and couldn’t imagine diving into her world. But she was persistent and gained the permissions I needed to be able to shadow her in her job. It was fascinating! And I was hooked. Besides the ideas that presented while I worked with her, I also read news reports and books about fires that happened all over the United States.

Current book: The Embers Series
Can Inspector Cassandra McCarthy protect her town from both the hurricane and arsonist that threaten to destroy them?

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