Phantom Love Serial

Starting on August 24, then every Friday on this blog, I will be serializing one of my unpublished novels, a mystery-romance hybrid called Phantom Love. Today, I’ll whet your appetite with this teaser of what’s to come over:

Phantom Love

What happens when the love of your life turns out to be the figment of someone’s imagination?

Mary Divers has found love at long last with David Kline, whom she met online. But her reconnection with childhood best friend Jared Quinby adds an unexpected complication to her quiet life. But David’s revelation of his desire to become a missionary to Peru throws Mary’s life into confusion.

Nursing a hurt leg, Jared Quinby arrives in Culpepper, Virginia, on a case for the FBI that leads him to Mary’s doorstep. Meeting Mary Divers again is the one bright spot in his life. But when Jared’s case intersects with Mary’s relationship with David, things head downhill fast.

Jared races to find the truth about David as Mary becomes more involved with David. When Mary and David become engaged and Mary begins planning a wedding without ever meeting the groom face-to-face, Jared realizes how much he’s come to care for Mary.

Jared uncovers the shocking truth days before her wedding, but Mary refuses to believe him. When tragedy strikes, Mary pushes Jared farther away. Will Jared be able to convince Mary of the truth—and of his love for her?

Tune in next week for the first installment!