How Dave Pratt Exercises His Writing Muscles (Episode 102)

On this episode of “The Romantic Side of Suspense,” I’m talking with Dave Pratt, who’s a native of most of the West Coast of the United States, and now makes his home in western Washington with his wife, Rafaela. A freelance writer since 1977, Dave has authored more than 60 published articles, poems, short stories and novels. A retired Army officer and business consultant, Dave has worked as a project manager for more than 20 years and taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels in Alaska, Washington and in China. Dave is a graduate of Washington State University, Webster University and Baylor University. He is a 4th degree master in Tae Kwon Do and life-long student of Tai Chi, Staff, Sword and Karate. Dave was a member of the 2015 USA Tae Kwon Do Poomse National Team.

“When I’ve written articles in the past, I had a passion for horses, so I’ve written a lot about performance horses,” Dave says. “I love that active voice [in my articles]. … I think a lot of my experience [in my humor column] … came from trying to pack 900 words with actions and humor and things people can relate to. … It really exercises me as a writer.”

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