Beyond Fiction Writing

As a fiction and nonfiction writer, I’ve become adept at reusing material. Research for my nonfiction books has morphed into blog posts, articles and newsletters. The same is true for my fiction writing–I tend to use every drop of information I gather!

Now some might call that cheating, but I call it being smart. When you have only 24 hours in a day, and many things to pack into that day, why would you reinvent the writing wheel if you don’t have to?

Here are some examples of what I mean. For my nonfiction book on working from home (available in Kindle as Hired at Home), I used my research into jobs you can do at home and turned it into individual blog posts. For Ending Sibling Rivalry, I used leftover material to populate my blog and to write guest blogs.

Sometimes I challenge myself to see how many ways I can re-purpose the same material in a fresh way, always with my audience in mind.

What are some ways you’ve seen authors reuse materials (or, if you’re an author, reuse yourself)?

Happy reading!

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